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Are you living in your Plan A or Plan B?

Plan B Sucks!: A Guide to unlocking your gift and living your authentic life.

If you are stuck in life - if you are convinced that the only option for you is to live out someone else’s picture of joy, then this is the moment to press pause.

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Are you ready to start living in your Plan A? 

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Register By 11/05 to take the Plan B Sucks! Course 

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Go Live with  Glenn Thomas,
Author, Speaker, & Founder of
Heart Work Leadership Group

Now is the time to begin your journey of living a life that is meant for you. I was inspired to share my story for all the dreamers and fighters in the world who desire to live their authentic life - their Plan A. Why? Because Plan-B sucks!

Take The 3 Part Course!

 Plan B Sucks:
Tips, Tools, and Tactics to turn your Gifts into Greatness! 


Here's What You'll Learn

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 Pay Only $49.00 and Receive Your FREE Ebook of Plan B Sucks! 

Learn the most meaningful and transformational steps in
how to unlock your gifts and live your most authentic life. 

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